AI in Mobility Innovation Challenge

AI in Mobility Innovation Challenge

Is your innovation going to advance the future of mobility? Join the competition!

Our Mobility Data Catalog enables offering and utilising data in the development of smart mobility. We are experts in agile piloting and the outcome from our pilots is new and unforeseen data.

We now want you to explore how to make new versatile tools for data-driven management and resident participation out of this data and it’s integrations. The challenge competition is organized by Finnish AI Region.

The themes of the challenge are:

  • functionality
  • safety
  • sustainability

These themes include aspects such as:

  • seamless accessibility and vulnerable road users
  • promoting traffic safety
  • fostering sustainable city planning, and
  • enhancing resilience for temporary disruptions in urban traffic.

Technologies and available data

We highlight the use of artificial intelligence (AI), supercomputing and VR/AR/XR solutions. Ethical use of AI is highly encouraged.

In this challenge, we invite you to harness the power of these technologies to create versatile tools for data-driven management and resident participation by using a range of Helsinki-related mobility datasets. These datasets include but are not limited to:

  • Mobility Data Catalog and its 27 data cards
  • Digital twin piloting data (spring 2024)
  • Data from experimental traffic measurement pilots: LiDARs, Telraam, FlowCube
  • Point clouds from last mile delivery robot pilots
  • Helsinki 3D city model data

All relevant datasets will be made available at:

The use of a company’s/participant’s own data or other mobility-related data is allowed and encouraged.

Examples of potential solutions

The target audience of the solutions are

  • city officials and traffic planners: tools for streamlined decision-making and traffic modeling through predictive analytics and enhanced traffic management; as well as
  • residents and visitors: tools for smoother commutes, travel and better safety, interactive experiences for giving feedback and taking part in mobility.

Potential solutions might involve:

  • Utilizing multi-modal trajectory data from two different lidar pilots
  • Validating the condition of traffic infrastructure using innovative methods
  • Investigating the relationship between traffic volumes and road condition measurements for predictive maintenance
  • Incorporating weather data to understand its impact on infrastructure and traffic
  • Conducting safety analyses of traffic infrastructure, including consideration of vulnerable road users, by using innovative data collection methods such as smart glasses
  • Considering environmental factors that affect public transport delays
  • Monitoring daily changes in urban infrastructure (traffic signs etc) by last mile delivery robots or fleets of vehicles
  • Analyse safety of vulnerable road users from 4D lidar point clouds.

Why apply?

Do you have a business idea and want to turn it into reality? Join the challenge and have the chance to:

  • Win prize money in the form of a pilot (prize pool of 20,000 euros), one or more winners
  • Meet and spar with the experts from FAIR and EDIH networks, including business coaching throughout the challenge
  • Learn about the opportunities related to Business Finland’s Quantum Computing campaign

Who can apply?

The challenge is open to organisations with a valid European business ID. Student groups are encouraged to apply. The personnel and administration of Forum Virium Helsinki Oy and their interest groups are prohibited from participating in the competition.

Participation as a group (‘team’) is possible. In this case, the team will appoint a company from among them to act as the contact party for the challenge and the possible resulting pilot.

The participating team or company can be located outside of Helsinki. The developed solution should primarily focus on Helsinki and integrate 1-2 open mobility datasets. Workshops and sparring are made open to remote participants. Additionally, the solution could be scaled to accommodate other cities and regions within the EU.

Register now for the informational webinar

Register for the informational webinar on August 13th. Come and hear more about the challenge. You will also have a chance to ask questions. Register now!

The AI in Mobility Challenge competition in short:

  • Theme: Functionality, safety, sustainability
  • Schedule: Info webinar on August 13 at 14:00 (UTC+3), selection of the pilots by the end of October.
  • Place of piloting: Solution for the city of Helsinki, team can work remotely from inside EU.
  • Who can apply? Companies and teams with a valid European business ID.
  • Why should I apply? Price pool of 20K€, meetings and business sparring with AI, XR and supercomputing experts


Finnish AI Region: Solja Sulkunen, 

Mobility Lab Helsinki: Jussi Knuuttila,

You can register for the competition by filling out our registration formThe application period ends on September 13, 2024.

A coaching day led by experts will be held on September 26, 2024, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

A joint Demo Day will be held on October 10, 2024.

Pilot trials will be conducted throughout October and November 2024.

The results and lessons learned from the pilots will be presented in December.


Mobility Lab Helsinki is the smart mobility testbed ran by Forum Virium Helsinki and Business Helsinki.