Mobility Lab Helsinki


Helsinki's testbed for smart mobility.

We assist companies and researchers in testing and developing smart and digital mobility solutions on the streets of Helsinki, with real users. Our undivided attention is on smooth, safe and sustainable mobility.

Our objectives

  1. Ecosystem:
    Collaboration with different stakeholders, development and innovation community and creating new projects and pilots.
  2. Digital twin:
    Improving the usability and usefulness of data and APIs, developing tools for a mobility digital twin.
  3. Testbed:
    Enabling and supporting testing and developing new smart mobility solutions in practice, in the real urban environment.


What we offer

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Our projects

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Latest projects

Automated last mile delivery device

Last Mile Autonomous Delivery (LMAD)

Partners EIT Digital France and EIT Digital Finland, Futurice, Gim Robotics, BookIt, Picom, Bestmile and Forum Virium Helsinki with LMAD (Last Mile Autonomous Delivery).

The LMAD project is piloting an autonomous delivery robot in Helsinki and Paris. In 2020, the robot was piloted in Helsinki for B2B deliveries linked to a logistics hub by the cycle path Baana. In 2021, a B2C pilot with DB Schenker in Jätkäsaari is delivering packages to the end users in the area.

Goals The goal is to learn about the potential of delivery robots in open environments.

Timetable 2019-2022

Contacts Matias Oikari, Forum Virium Helsinki

The LMAD project includes building a robot, a fleet management system that enables autonomous mobility and an order system that allows the robot to communicate with customers. In addition to the technical implementation, a service concept is created by means of co-creation and service design and tested in a genuine urban environment with genuine customers.

Trombia's autonomous street sweeper

Autonomous street sweeper

Trombia Technologies

Piloting Trombia's autonomous and energy efficient street sweeper as a street maintenance solution together with street maintenance experts from Stara and the City of Helsinki.

Goal: Testing the feasibility of an autonomous street sweeper

Contact: Janne Rinne (Forum Virium Helsinki)

This project is one of the selected agile pilots. The solution was tested in the spring of 2021 as the first phase of the agile pilot process, the second phase of the pilot is planned for spring of 2022.


Traffic monitoring with LIDAR and edge computing


Testing the use of LIDAR technology and edge computing in traffic monitoring for the purposes of traffic management, planning and counting.

Goal: Testing the feasibility of LIDAR technology for traffic monitoring

Contact: Janne Rinne (Forum Virium Helsinki)

This project is one of the selected agile pilots. The solution was tested in the spring of 2021 as the first phase of the agile pilot process. In the fall of 2021, a second phase of the pilot was done, extending the pilot to also include the testing of C-ITS messages based on the detections.

Map with navigation route

Logistics accessibility data (LoSaDa)

Forum Virium Helsinki & Tieke ry

The Logistics Accessibility Data project aims to solve challenges in local distribution by making reachability information available as open, standardised data to logistics operators.

Goal: Improving the service level and operational efficiency of logistics companies.


352 k€

Raimo Tengvall (Forum Virium Helsinki)

The project’s objective is to create an operating model for companies to convey last mile delivery information and details to drivers as open data. It will promote the operating conditions and improve cost efficiency of logistics operations, improve the service levels for the customers and reduce the environmental effects through optimization (e.g. reduced time spent looking for parking spots).



Digital tools for city logistics

Webinar (in Finnish) 26th August 2020

Webinar of solutions developed for solving the routing for last and trickiest 50 metres of logistics - made in the project New solutions in city logistics.

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Agile pilot open call info

Online info and Q&A for the open call (2 of 2)

Info event (online) on the open call for agile pilots.

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Agile pilot open call info

Online info and Q&A for the open call (1 of 2)

Info event (online) on the open call for agile pilots.

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Green & Smart Recovery – Mobility 2.0

Green & Smart Recovery - Mobility 2.0 virtual congress on 11 June

The congress will discuss the topics that should be tackled at both European and global level to ensure Green Recovery after COVID-19 and to establish the role of smart and green mobility solutions and sustainable investments during the recovery phase. Join us for an immersive 3D experience with inspirational international keynotes, an extraordinary environment for virtual networking and an expo showcasing the latest smart mobility solutions from Finland! REGISTER NOW!

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