Mobility Launchpad

Mobility Launchpad at Maria 01

Mobility Launchpad at Maria 01

Showroom and meeting space for Helsinki region smart mobility companies and projects. 

Located at startup campus Maria 01 Mobility Launchpad helps mobility companies find customers, investors, talent and co-operation possibilities. It also gives other startups ideas on mobility and how they can develop their technologies and services for the growing smart mobility sector.

During 2019 we operated a pop-up space for showcasing local mobility solutions and introducing startups to the wider mobility ecosystem. Several events and dozens of international visits were held. New mobility services and technologies were showcased and experienced – from drone deliveries of chocolate to light electric vehicles you’ve never seen before.

For 2020 we will revamp our facilities for enhanced collaboration and visibility, joint events and networking in the Helsinki ecosystem.

Join the movement of smart mobility growth! Contact us, visit our events and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Mobility Launchpad is operated by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences through Jätkäsaari Smart Mobility project, together with project partners Forum Virium Helsinki and Helsinki Business Hub. Operating is funded by Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council from European Regional Development Fund.




Participating companies


Mobility companies from Helsinki region that have pitched or had demos in our events or Launchpad demo space




Deal Comp



MaaS Global / Whim


Parkkisähkö / Parking Energy

Ride Hoop



Sensible 4

Third Space Auto

TukTuk Finland


Viima Mobility






Photo of a contact person

Anna-Stina Tähkävuori

Project Manager, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Contact of Launchpad space)

Photo of a contact person

Raimo Tengvall

Project Manager, Forum Virium Helsinki (General project contact & coordinator)

Photo of a contact person

Marko Tamminen

Senior Business Advisor, Helsinki Business Hub (Business and investor contact)