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Innovation through Public-Private-Research-People collaboration.

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Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab supports innovation and business development by enabling tests and pilots in the urban environment whilst operating with a strong network of partners and creators.

On this page you will find information about everything we can do to assist you with your efforts for a safer, smoother, and a more sustainable mobility. You can also find a one page summary here.

Smart Infrastructure

Do you have a great idea you want to test in a city environment?

Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab invests into smart infrastructure that helps great pilots to become even greater solutions.

If, for example, you are developing a solution that solves traffic congestion or increases traffic safety, but still lack crucial data, we could install sensors in Jätkäsaari that provide you this necessary input.

Read more about our investment programme in here.

Jätkäsaari from above


We are a part of the Urban3 ecosystem. The joint space of multiple ecosystem actors is a showroom and a co-creation space for smart mobility companies and projects.

The homebase for Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab provides information and a forum for demonstrations. Here you will find more info about the opportunities, ecosystem and ongoing smart mobility developments in Helsinki. The collaboration space and showroom is a part of the Launchpad project that is a part of the broader Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab activity.

Located on startup campus Maria 01, Launchpad helps mobility startups find customers, investors, talent and co-operation possibilities. It also gives startups ideas on mobility and how they can develop their technologies and services for the growing smart mobility sector.

During 2019 we operated a pop-up space for showcasing local mobility solutions and introducing startups to a wider mobility ecosystem. In 2020 we revamped our facilities and moved inside for enhanced collaboration and visibility, joint events and networking in the Helsinki ecosystem.

Read more here

Mobility Launchpad at Maria01

Test users

Are you looking for test users and perhaps some honest feedback on your fancy innovation?

We have a group of active Jätkäsaarians signed up to our user pool who are waiting to test and give feedback about your new mobility solution.

All residents and Jätkäsaari aficionados are welcome to join the growing group of test users at www.jätkä (page in Finnish).

Eezery cargo bikes
Photo: Eezery (kuormapyörälogistiikka)

Jätkäsaari test area

The Jätkäsaari district offers an urban playground for new pilots and innovations.

Our mission is to facilitate your piloting needs. We support you in finding contacts with the local stakeholders (Helsinki Urban environment division, Port of Helsinki, etc.) and help you in determining how your solution could be implemented in the area.

We’re also there for you to tell you what you’re allowed to do in the cityscape and what you might need to take into consideration. Our goal is to get good ideas realized in the simplest of ways.

MAP of Jätkäsaari district with smart infrastructure locations indicated.

Jätkäsaari area highlighted on a map
Jätkäsaari and the West Harbour area

Agile Piloting

While our core mission is at enabling your piloting activities through collaboration, user engagement and smart infrastructure, we will also arrange three rounds of agile pilot competitions. Those competitions, done in three open calls providing funding for a few pilots per round (agile pilots are typically around 10-30K€ per pilot). The calls focus on smooth, safe and sustainable transport and mobility solutions.

  • The first round is closed, pilots to be done during 2020.
  • The second call was closed 18 August 2020.
  • The third round of open calls was closed 3 Feb 2021. The third call was the first time we had a 2-phase format for the pilot, with pilots in the spring and fall of 2021!

You can read much more about agile piloting as an approach and how to get the most out of urban experimentation from here.

Cargo bikes in Jätkäsaari


Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab brings together an ecosystem of public, private and research stakeholders to boost the exchange of ideas and collaboration.

We aim to increase awareness of ongoing activities, help find synergies between projects and ideas, and to promote and help in arranging joint events for a maximized reach and exposure.

Do you already have a project running, are you looking for new partners, right investors, or perhaps want to know more on who’s who and who’s doing what in Helsinki? Contact us for more info.

Whether you’re a local startup looking for investors, a big company looking for new partners or a foreign company looking to get things started in Helsinki, we can help you in finding the right people with our experts at Helsinki Business Hub or NewCo Helsinki. You can find investor and accelerator information from

Helsinki Business Hub services

Practical Examples

Means of supporting testing

To summarise, in practical terms the ways we can support different test interests and pilot cases may be e.g. the following:

City’s needs, views and sparring

  • City’s interests and expectation management (matching needs, requirements)
  • Case ownership (needed stakeholders, contacts)

Permits and planning support (what’s feasible, how)

  • Feasibility and suitable locations
  • Consultation with city departments and other local stakeholders
  • Permit processes

Data and connectivity

  • Open data (availability, language support)
  • Data connections (networks)

Physical needs and installations

  • Electricity connections
  • Installments (roadworks and traffic management, electricians)
  • Traffic signs

User engagement and feedback

  • Engagement of citizens as test users (local groups, events and social media)
  • Support in managing user feedback and questions

Dissemination and visibility

  • Pilot communication and awareness in networks
  • Awareness and dialogue about results with stakeholders (e.g. traffic planners)
  • Promotion and awareness in media


  • Small pilot cases are funded through occasionally published open calls (agile pilots)
  • Smart infrastructure investments for enabling pilots (e.g. technology for creating needed data)


For an example of some support actions in practice, read a summary of how Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab has supported implementing a pilot:


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Jätkäsaari street view
Photo: Aamos Kantola


Photo of a contact person

Juho Kostiainen

Coordinator - General contact point

City of Helsinki, economic development
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Janne Rinne

Agile pilots and test user pool

Forum Virium Helsinki
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Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab is a collaboration between

City of Helsinki and Forum Virium Helsinki, Port of Helsinki, Helsinki Region Transport and Helsinki City Transport, including all the companies and research institutes involved in our work.