Open call 02/2023

Mobility Lab Helsinki is looking for new innovative ways to produce three-dimensional data describing the street environment of the City of Helsinki.



The open call focuses on the three-dimensional modeling of Helsinki’s street environment from the selected test area, taking into account the areas used by different modes of transport and their intersections.

The goal is that the produced test material can later be converted to CityGML 3 format. CityGML 3.0 enables describing the traffic environment as center lines, point clouds, 3D surfaces and spaces. In this pilot experiment, a surface representation, i.e. a polygonal surface model, is sought.

More information about the description of the CityGML 3.0 traffic environment:

In the material to be produced, the street environment must be modeled as a set of three-dimensional mesh surfaces in such a way that the objects of the street environment are separated into objects by lane and mode of transportation (see Appendix 1 – example image of modeling)

In the material to be produced, the street environment includes the following:

  • driving lanes
  • sidewalks
  • cycling areas
  • other traffic areas, such as rail traffic areas, as well as road markings

The open call for tenders seeks a maximum of three (3) suppliers who can meet the needs described above. The total budget of the tender is a maximum of 21,000 euros. The maximum cost of one pilot (=total max. price) is 7,000 euros, VAT 0%.


Take a look at the invitation to tender in Finnish

Take a look at the invitation to tender in English

Appendix 1 – Example picture of modeling

Appendix 2 – Picture of area demarcation


The Q&A section is now available and can be found here.

Info event for the open call was held on 15 Feb. The webinar was bilingual (slides in English, main speaking language in Finnish, with the opportunity to ask questions in both languages).

See presentation materials here and recording of the webinar below.