Open call 12/2023

Offer a solution for a pilot call

Mobility Lab Helsinki is looking for solutions for the development of a digital twin for mobility.

We are looking for solutions for agile pilots that explore and test new methods, such as artificial intelligence, for the information modelling of the current state of street environments and street asset management. The aim is to serve the development of the city’s digital twin.

Fill out the form here (in English)

Fill out the form here (in Finnish)

The call is open until 16:00 on 4 December 2023.

Forum Virium Helsinki will carry out the pilot procurement as part of the Mobility Lab Helsinki project.

The new solutions to be tested can relate to themes such as the following:

  1. a method for identifying and classifying street traffic conditions or equipment as 3D geospatial data, for example by using new AI methods to analyse the point clouds of a mobile laser scan to identify lanes and street equipment
  2. a method for generating line data on the centre lines of traffic lanes, for example by developing an identification method based on point clouds from mobile laser scanning for an open source application
  3. a method for supporting street equipment maintenance processes, such as a crowdsourcing traffic sign validation using mobile application
  4. a method for combining existing geospatial data into useful new data, such as using mobile laser scans of the street space to refine street spaces in the city model
  5. development of the automatic classification of the point clouds of street & airborne laser scanning, for example by crosschecking the consistency and quality of the classification of different datasets
  6. improving the combined viewing of street view and city model data, for example by developing methods for presenting 360 images on city model presentation platforms (Cesium).

Take a look at the invitation to tender in Finnish

Take a look at the invitation to tender in English

The open invitation to tender is seeking a maximum of three suppliers capable of meeting the needs described above.

The total budget of the procurement is up to EUR 45,000. The maximum cost (price ceiling) of a single pilot is EUR 15,000, VAT 0%.

The call for tenders will be open until 16:00 on 4 December 2023.

A Q&A section with freguently asked questions will be released on this page at a later date.


Information event on 27 November at 13:00


Download information webinar presentations (pdf)

Recording of the information webinar on November 27 2023. Q&A section will be released on this page soon.