Development of a digital twin for mobility

The objective of the agile pilots is to serve the overall development of the city of Helsinki’s digital twin. 

In Gispo‘s experiment, the goal is to increase the potential use of the city’s 3D materials by enabling the utilisation of 3D data in QGIS for a wider user base within the city organisation. 

Webion participates in the experiment with the aim of developing the measurement of urban spaces. The technologies in the experiment can be used in the future to produce measurements of urban spaces that promote the development of digital twins of cities as well as maintenance. In the experiment, among other things, street-level imagery is refined using artificial intelligence. 

Sitowise is developing a new and easily scalable method in which data from various traffic infrastructure sources is analysed and classified automatically using commercial tools and artificial intelligence algorithms. 

The results of the pilot procurement will be used for the implementation of the CityGML 3.0 street environment test data in 2024.