Smart Infra Investments

The idea of the investment program is to develop the city’s smart/ict infrastructure in a way that supports addressing transport related issues while at the same time enabling the development of new services e.g. through generating open data.
We would like to hear from companies, researchers and other developers about suggestions of what kind of smart infrastructure would support their RDI needs and the testing of their new solutions. For instance, what kind of data would enable you to develop and test something new and innovative addressing issues regarding traffic flow, safety and emissions?
You can find a template (word document) with questions and aspects we consider in deciding what makes sense. It is not intended as a direct “application” for investments but rather a guideline for topics we’ll want to discuss with you to see if it makes sense. In other words, we do not expect you to spend a lot of time in describing things in great detail to send an application but rather think about the aspects, provide initial thoughts and let’s start discussions based on that.
Please note that we are not looking for suggestions of specific hardware/products but rather general needs that the city could or should procure from a suitable party.
Contact us for more info or with your suggestions!