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We assist companies and researchers in testing and developing smart and digital mobility solutions on the streets of Helsinki, with real users. Our undivided attention is on smooth, safe and sustainable mobility.

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User on an e-scooter

Micro-mobility data analysis

Goals The goal is to better understand how e-scooters and other micro-mobility vehicles are used.
Timetable 4/2020-10/2020
Contacts Janne Rinne, Forum Virium Helsinki
Aggregated and anonymized mobility data from the micro-mobility operators will be available for the city in a dashboard, providing an overview of how, when and where the e-scooters, city bikes and other light vehicles are used and parked.

Vianova’s solution is based on MDS (Mobility Data Specification) communication protocol which enables bilateral and secure exchange of data between mobility providers and cities.

Map of Jätkäsaari with information points for last 50 meter routing

Last 50m logistics routing

Forum Virium Helsinki
Goals Making it easier to find the right entrances for deliveries.
Contacts Aapo Rista & Johan Lindqvist, Forum Virium Helsinki

The New solutions in city logistics 6Aika project has collected detailed data on routes to buildings and entrances. The purpose of the data is to make it easier to find the right entrance and to speed up the delivery of goods, for example.  

The data is stored and available in OpenStreetMap and for demonstration purposes an example application is created. It visualises entrances and routes of last 50 meters to them. More information on the collected data and a preview service is available in the Materials and Data section.

Logistics hub next to Baana

Shared Micro depots for Urban pickups and Delivery (SMUD)

Goals The aim is to develop parcel distribution with zero-emission bicycles for online orders. In addition, it will facilitate other trials tackling challenges of city logistics in a densely populated city centre area.
Timetable 2019-2020
Contacts Pete Pättiniemi, Forum Virium Helsinki
The distribution centre pilot is planned to run 06/2020 - 12/2020. It will gain new insights and lessons learned about the delivery of parcels by bicycles in particular for European-wide utilisation.

The pilot implements a local distribution centre for parcels. The hub, operated jointly by six operators, is located next to Helsinki’s busy Baana pedestrian and bicycle corridor. It was opened on 9 June 2020. The pilot runs until the end of 2020 and during that time, companies can bring their parcels to the shared distribution centre instead of every delivery company driving into the congested city centre with their own vehicles. From there, the deliveries are coordinated resource-efficiently utilising electric bikes and other low-emission transport modes.

View from behind a car with a bike crossing the road ahead of it


Goals Developing and piloting an application that can detect vulnerable road users crossing roads to alert drivers of potential collisions.
Timetable 2/2020-
Israel-based VizibleZone ( is developing a solution that improves safety of vulnerable road users. The solution works through a mobile app that analyzes road safety data, and is piloted in two phases. 

First, data is collected to detect road crossings. Later, alerts can be sent to nearby drivers to prevent a potential collision.

The technology can alert drivers even if the pedestrian is located behind an obstacle and the driver can’t see him. The incident data can also be used by the city itself to improve the city road safety infrastructure. Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab supports the pilot by helping in finding test users to use the application which is available both for Android and iOS. The application also utilises Helsinki’s open data to map whether road crossings are done at crosswalks or traffic lights. 

Key functionalities:

Pedestrian mode

– Road safety behavior stats to improve on-road behavior
– Real-time alert in case the user watches the smartphone when approaching a road
– Volume control – Adjusting headphones volume near roads

Driver mode

– Collision detection alert – Alert drivers on possible collision with pedestrians, even when the pedestrian is behind obstacles and the driver cannot see him
– Alerting drivers in possible collision situations
– Real-time notification when entering crowded pedestrian areas

City road safety dashboard

– Aggregated and statistical data for the city for better planning the physical infrastructure for pedestrians’ road safety (e.g. crosswalk planning, bicycle trails, traffic light optimization)


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Mobility Launchpad for startups – economical balance webinar

16.10.2020 online

  • 13:00 How to get your startup funded?
  • Touko Kontro – Startup Business Advisor at Newco Helsinki
  • 13:45 Helping companies to succeed with IP-rights
  • Ville Kari – Papula-Nevinpat
  • 14:00 Sustainable growth
  • Mari Luukkainen –
  • 14:30 The most common legal skeletons that startups on the lookout for funding have in their closets – and how to get rid of them
  • Jaakko Lindgren – Partner at Dottir Attorneys 
Economic progress without considering societal development and environmental impact is unsustainable and no longer executable. Balancing profit, people and the planet through entrepreneurial behavior is what identifies a sustainable entrepreneur. Welcome to listen and discuss how to create sustainable entrepreneurship.   Sign up:

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Digital tools for city logistics

Webinar (in Finnish) 26th August 2020

Webinar of solutions developed for solving the routing for last and trickiest 50 metres of logistics - made in the project New solutions in city logistics.

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Agile pilot open call info

Online info and Q&A for the open call (2 of 2)

Info event (online) on the open call for agile pilots.

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Agile pilot open call info

Online info and Q&A for the open call (1 of 2)

Info event (online) on the open call for agile pilots.

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The Smart Junction project by @AaltoUniversity and Conveqs is now producing data with a traffic radar in Jätkäsaari. Interested in developing new solutions based on that? Great, read more about the data and get on it:

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Hyvää #kaupunkipyörä|päivää❣ Matkoja tehty noin 2,5 miljoonaa, käyttöaste 4,3 matkaa/pyörä/pv, matkan kesto 17 min, pituus 2,4 km. Kauden hankkineita n. 44200 (päivän n. 17300 ja viikon n. 2900). Kokeile uutta ennustesovellusta: #HSL #HKL #Helsinki #Espoo