Helsinki's testbed for smart mobility solutions.

We facilitate and support companies and researchers in testing and developing smart and digital mobility solutions in a real urban environment, with real users. The focus is on smooth, safe and sustainable mobility.

The Goal.

Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab supports innovation and business development. We aim to support the development of better mobility solutions for the region and beyond, while building a strong network for collaboration and co-creation.

Smart + Sustainable

The focus of supported pilots and solutions are on improved traffic flow, sustainable modal choices, mitigation of traffic violations and accidents, and improved air quality.

Network + Cocreate

We promote ongoing activities, nourish synergies between partners and projects, and support a lively ecosystem of public, private and research parties.

Innovate + Grow

We facilitate and enable testing and demonstration of new solutions and services in the Jätkäsaari area to learn and gain references and scaling opportunities.

Latest projects

VizibleZone project on traffic safety


Developing and piloting an application that can detect vulnerable road users crossing roads to alert drivers of potential collisions.
Israel-based VizibleZone ( is developing a solution that improves safety of vulnerable road users. The solution works through a mobile app that analyzes road safety data, and is piloted in two phases. First, data is collected to detect road crossings. Later, alerts can be sent to nearby drivers to prevent a potential collision.

The technology can alert drivers even if the pedestrian is located behind an obstacle and the driver can’t see him. The incident data can also be used by the city itself to improve the city road safety infrastructure. Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab supports the pilot by helping in finding test users to use the application which is available both for Android and iOS. The application also utilises Helsinki’s open data to map whether road crossings are done at crosswalks or traffic lights. 

Key functionalities:

Pedestrian mode

– Road safety behavior stats to improve on-road behavior
– Real-time alert in case the user watches the smartphone when approaching a road
– Volume control – Adjusting headphones volume near roads

Driver mode

– Collision detection alert – Alert drivers on possible collision with pedestrians, even when the pedestrian is behind obstacles and the driver cannot see him
– Alerting drivers in possible collision situations
– Real-time notification when entering crowded pedestrian areas

City road safety dashboard

– Aggregated and statistical data for the city for better planning the physical infrastructure for pedestrians’ road safety (e.g. crosswalk planning, bicycle trails, traffic light optimization)

Mobility Urban Values - MUV

Mobility Urban Values – MUV

Photo: Mobility Urban Values


The MUV system will result from the combination of behavioural change techniques, new technologies, data science and co-design approaches.




The project has received funding from European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.


Sami Sahala (Forum Virium Helsinki)
The Mobility Urban Values (MUV) project encourages residents to change their mobility behaviour and make more sustainable mobility choices through illustration and gamification.

The project’s influencing methods are co-created with residents. At the same time, the project creates tools for both residents and data collection, thus facilitating local-level city planning.

UIA Hope Air quality

UIA HOPE – Air quality

  • City of Helsinki
  • University of Helsinki
  • Vaisala Plc
  • Helsinki Region Environmental Services
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Useless Company Ltd
  • Forum Virium Helsinki


Change that the project wants to achieve is that citizens find air quality issues easily relatable and understandable.


01/11/2018 - 31/10/2021


Total ERDF budget granted EUR 4,561,260.28
Contact Jussi Kulonpalo (City of Helsinki)
HOPE empowers citizens to develop their own districts. Project focuses on three districts with air quality challenges; Jätkäsaari with heavy port-related traffic, Mäkelänkatu-Kumpula area with street canyons and over 40 000 daily vehicles, and Pakila with adjacent main roads and domestic wood-burning.

The overall challenge is that measuring, analysis and dissemination of air quality data in any given location is very complicated and contaminated with error. Lack of real-time and reliable high resolution data has led to a situation where finding targeted interventions that take into account our citizens and their needs while also targeting specific pollution concentrations is missing for all European cities.


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Mobility Sprint

16.3; 23.3; 30.3

Events to be postponed, stay tuned // Mobility Sprint is an event series for smart mobility entrepreneurs and professionals; March 16: Sustainability | March 23: Creativity | March 30: Balance.  

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Networking event and pilot info

10 March, Maria 01

Results from last year's pilots, info about upcoming ones and networking!

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Info event on call for agile pilots


INFO event on the call was organised on 15.1.2020 on Maria01 startup campus. See presentations of the event HERE and HERE.

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